Scan, sell, ship, and more—right from your phone

Easily keep inventory accurate by updating your stock in real time wherever you work.

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Get your work done from anywhere

Adding mobile devices to your business allows you to work faster and more accurately.

You can create, send, or share orders; manage your products including barcodes and photos; do stock transfers and adjustments; and perform mobile picking and receiving.
Plus, inFlow Cloud for Mobile offers Guided Picking, which optimizes the whole picking process.

If that wasn’t enough, you can use your smartphone as a fast and accurate barcode scanner, too!

Keep your business close at hand

Our mobile app puts your whole business in your pocket. Everyone has access to stock levels, pending orders, customer history, and more.

Turn your phone into a barcode scanner

Use your smartphone’s camera as a barcode scanner for fast and accurate scanning—no extra equipment required.

Print labels as you receive

No need to head back to the PC: you can print labels as you receive each product, or after you receive the whole order. You’ll have full control over the label design, size, and printer.

Use a phone or a Smart Scanner

inFlow’s mobile app works on any modern Android or iOS device. Or upgrade to the inFlow Smart Scanner—a rugged Android phone with a built-in laser scanner.

inFlow packs big features into a small screen


Create orders

Create sales or purchase orders on the fly and send or share them, too.


Manage products

View or edit your products. Add pictures or barcodes to your items with your phone’s camera.


Stock transfers and adjustments

Make adjustments immediately. Transfer stock from one location to another.



Mobile picking

Minimize mistakes by using your smartphone to scan and pick items.



Mobile receiving

Scan your items in as soon as you receive them, and print labels if necessary.

Guided Picking: Exclusive to inFlow Cloud for Mobile

Guided Picking gives you a step by step workflow that’s warehouse-friendly. It helps you move efficiently through the aisles and pick the right items for your orders. Product names and photos show up large, so you don’t need to squint to see the important details.

inFlow shines when you need to work on-the-go



Working from home

Quickly see inventory levels and easily manage products and details.


Trade shows

No need to huddle around a laptop or paper. Capture new sales orders right from the show floor.



Vehicle fleets

Set up vehicles as locations to transfer equipment and supplies to them.



Site managers

Look up available inventory while on a jobsite and assign orders to your team.



Service providers

Quickly show customers different product options you offer.

It’s time to put your phone to work

inFlow helps you to stay productive whether you’re at your desk, in the aisles, or on the trade show floor. And since inFlow’s mobile app works on modern iOS and Android devices, you’ve probably already got what you need to get started.

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